How does ViVa work

ViVa is a free, web-based dashboard available in English and French. Only a computer and internet connection is needed.

ViVa uses information from UNICEF Supply Division as well as the country's stock levels to generate stock projections and create alerts. Countries that join update their vaccine stock data on a weekly or monthly basis in ViVa, while Supply Division uploads weekly confirmed orders from UNICEF.

The MOH EPI programme is the primary user. In some cases, the UNICEF Country Office has agreed to pilot the tool for a period of time before handover to their government counterparts.



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ViVa provides a visual timeline with week-by-week information about a specific vaccine. The tool works best with the most accurate stock level data – the more frequently stock levels are updated per vaccine, the more accurately ViVa can provide projections for overstocking and stockouts. It is recommended that ViVa is updated each time there is a vaccine stock movement.


The graphic above displays a typical timeline of a vaccine in ViVa (in this case TT). The blue line indicates the stock level of the vaccine in doses. Stock inputs by the user are shown as a circle, and will adjust the stock line accordingly. The present day is represented by the black line, with week-by-week projections up to 9 months in the future. As can be seen above, stock levels are shown as actual, potential (which include unconfirmed/forecasted orders), and projected (including confirmed orders).

Note: Dates in ViVa are estimated based on most recent information entered into our system. For some countries delivery times might be longer if vaccines enter through an alternate corridor or if there logistical delays.


ViVa is not:

  • A stock management tool (SMT). Rather, it is meant to complement existing tools by presenting the information in a different way, and visualizing the pipeline of vaccine orders and forecasts provided from country governments to UNICEF.

  • An interface to communicate with Supply Division. EPI counterparts within the Ministry of Health must take action on their own to adjust their procurement and planning based on ViVa projections throughout the year.

Links to the user guide and quick reference guides

Download the full user guide


Quick Reference Guides

Entering stock levels

Creating a campaign

Creating an order (regional level only)