About ViVa

The Visibility for Vaccines (ViVa) tool is a stock monitoring dashboard that visualizes the pipeline of vaccine orders and forecasts, enabling country governments to identify risks of stock outs or overstocking and take action before they occur.

Immunization programmes are challenged by vaccine stock-outs, resulting in interrupted routine immunizations, reduced coverage, and, ultimately, deaths from vaccine preventable diseases. The main cause, as reported in the UNICEF Annual Forecast Exercise, is the delay in release of funds. Accurate forecasting of program needs and visibility of the pipeline is therefore critical to preventing stock-outs or overstocking, and ensuring that life-saving vaccines reach all children.

With funding from the UPS Foundation, UNICEF has developed ViVa, a data visualization tool for country governments to improve their vaccine forecasting and prevent stock-outs. Intended for use by Expanded Programme Immunization (EPI) managers, national vaccine supply and logistics managers, and other counterparts in the Ministry of Health, ViVa allows users to view current vaccine stock levels and upcoming orders from UNICEF Supply Division, and see stock projections into the future.

ViVa indicates when potential stock-outs or overstocking could happen, helping countries to plan their future vaccine procurements accordingly and advocate for timely funding decisions. When stock levels approach minimum or maximum levels, an alert is sent to the country or stakeholder identifying the potential risk and recommending corrective action.

ViVa is meant to complement existing stock management tools by providing key data in a clear visual format and bringing UNICEF, WHO and country data into a single system for improved monitoring and analysis. Using ViVa encourages country staff to collect and utilize data for management decisions and enables decision-makers to take timely, corrective action before problems can occur, helping to promote country ownership of vaccine procurement services.


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