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ViVa: Visibility for Vaccines

ViVa is a tool for EPI managers to enable early identification of potential stock issues.
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ViVa helps countries with their procurement planning and forecast
Early warning
ViVa alerts countries to potential stock-outs or overstocking situations
ViVa helps EPI managers advocates for timely funding decisions
ViVa helps countries to understand the value of using data for management decisions

Improve Vaccine Management

The Visibility for Vaccines (ViVa) tool is a stock monitoring dashboard that visualize the pipeline of vaccine orders and forecasts, enabling country goverments to indentify risks of stock-out or overstocking and take corrective action before they occur.

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"ViVa has assisted the program in deciding on the time for arrival of vaccines, whether it should be delayed or fast tracked. Using the ViVa tool and the SMT has strengthened stock monitoring.

We saw in ViVa that we would have a stock out of Penta in October. The issue was that the Penta quantities in Gavi's Decision Letters were based on assumptions from 2014/15, and the quantities were no longer sufficient. Had we not made a request based on the information seen in ViVa, we would have run out of stock. Because we could also see the expected date of delivery, we were able to ask for faster delivery of Penta and were able to avoid a stock out."
Thato Mokhele
EPI Logistician, Lesotho
William Musubire 
William Musubire
Vaccine Management Officer, Uganda


“ViVa has been adopted in Uganda as a vaccine stock status dashboard for the Central Vaccine Store (CVS). ViVa is a permanent agenda item discussed in the monthly EPI vaccine management meeting.

In 2016, there was a sudden increase in the uptake of TT vaccine following addition of a new cohort (safe male circumcision). ViVa showed that the TT stock was to run out by end of November. In addition, we saw that a confirmed order of 1.8 million doses was expected only in January 2017. Therefore, a decision was made by the vaccine management meeting to ask the UNICEF Supply Chain Manager to expedite delivery by adjusting delivery date from Jan 2017 to Dec 2016."

Abdul Mateen, Cold Chain Officer, Afghanistan